Software for Planning and Managing Businesses

BDA Software provides a range of software tools to assist start up businesses and economic development organisations.

All of BDA Software's products have been developed by experienced business advisers who continue to assist start-up clients to launch and sustain their successful businesses.

Our tools have been used in a number of enterprise agencies since 1999 and continue to evolve and expand to meet the needs of forward thinking economc development organisations.

Specimen Planner™ - clients start planning before meeting your team.

Imagine if your clients could start working through their business plan before you even meet. Think of the benefits if they could confront issues on their own, start thinking about sustainability and start writing an outline of their plan within minutes.

That's what Specimen Planner does. On the web or on a stand alone PC, clients are presented with a menu of typical business plans for over 180 business start-ups, complete with benchmark financial projections.

Specimen Planner helps lay the groundwork. Clients can explore different routes in their own time. When they come to you, much of the business plan may already be written - freeing you to offer advice, instead of entering data.

Specimen Planner is the starting point most entrepreneurs are looking for. They get a realistic benchmark for their own business, helping to set aspirations and expectations.

It releases time to allow advisers to advise!

Practical Books™ - simple, practical bookkeeping

Practical Books is an easy-to-use spreadsheet that mirrors the popular Prince's Trust bookkeeping book.

Prince's Trust, (formerly PSYBT) supports young people under the age of 26 who want to start their own business. To help their clients to improve their chances of sucess in business, Prince's Trust developed their manual bookkeeping system.

BDA was instrumental in the design of this manual system, and we are proud to have worked with Prince's Trust to transfer the system onto an integrated Excel spreadsheet.

For more details of Practical Books, contact us to discuss your requirements.