Business Development Advisers Ltd. : Quality Delivery by Recognised Experts

Business Development Advisers Ltd is a private Scottish management consultancy firm. We provide specialist support aimed at helping businesses in Scotland in a variety of areas, from strategic concerns to every day issues. 

BDA has been involved in business development for both the public and private sectors, gaining a huge amount of experience in the process. The team has considerable experience of managing and growing businesses, and are serial entrepreneurs who have provided assistance for a wide range of businesses.

Our team of business advisers is employed for their skills and experience aimed at providing relevant and practical support to BDA clients, in particular small to medium sized businesses in start-up or development phase. Advisers are recruited on the basis that they are currently running their own, successful, small business, and that they have personal experience of starting one or more businesses.  This ensures that the advisers can empathise with clients’ situations and provide relevant, detailed advice based on their own experiences.

Our private sector work covers a wide range of industries and business areas. Take a look at our Commercial Services section for more information.

As well as private sector work, we are actively involved in the delivery of a range of public sector contracts including:

Business Gateway West Dunbartonshire

BDA has been helping people to start new businesses and assisting existing businesses to grow through Business Gateway contracts since 1999.  We have been delivering Business Gateway services on behalf of West Dunbartonshire Council since 2007.


Employability Fund for Self-Employment

Employability Fund is a Skills Development Scotland programme.  BDA delivers the Self-Employment option in East Renfrewshire, Inverclyde and Renfrewshire, where we help people to move from unemployment into self-employment. Through the Employability Fund and its predecessor Training for Work, BDA has been assisting SDS clients since 2003.

BDA also works with other public sector organisations, including Scottish Enterprise to help businesses to grow and take advantage of new markets.

Our Enterprise Services section has more detail on the various projects and schemes that we are involved in.